TuK Catholic Alumni



  • When it is Family, Unity prevails


  • Seeking to live the mandate of Jesus Christ


  • To work towards fullness of life for all people as inspired by our Lord Jesus (John 10:10)


  • Acts as a bridge between the former and current Y.C.S members of the Technical University of Kenya.
  • Facilitates the development and social well-being of the members
  • Assist the current TUK YCS further its laid down objectives.
  • Provides a ground upon which a sense of belonging amongst, and assistance to the alumni members are attained.
  • Strives to contribute together as one to the furtherance of the catholic church faith and mission as the members deems necessary.
  • Aims at enhancing the continuity and fullfilment of the YCS motto of See, Judge and Act.
  • To achieve these we usually have our weekly prayer meetings every thursday at TUK. This way we are able to interact with the YCS students in the college.


Who are the TUK Catholic Alumni?

This is a group of young catholics who were former students at the Technical University of Kenya. It comprises also of the current YCS finalists in the college. It was formed way back in 1997 after the then YCS finalists saw the need of meeting together even after college life. The bonds created through their years in college were so strong that the idea of them parting ways in there-after bore this great idea. It was founded on the vision under John 10.10

“Mission towards fullness of life” Since then, after members leaving college they have been joining the group and today we cherish a union of more than 300 members. Most of them have since relocated from Nairobi to the greater parts of the country as life demands. It is after four years, since its formation that members thought of associating themselves with a patron saint. That is how we fell in love with St. Francis of Asissi, and decided to learn more of his life. On presenting the name of the patron, the patron saint to the then priest, Fr Tony Fernades, he accepted it, and the Don Bosco Upper Hill Parish’s PPC, we were happy to be given Mr. Wachira the former student in the college as our Patron.

In the year 2011, we started associating ourselves with the patron Saint St Thomas Aquinas after the university got the Chaplaincy. In the group, we organize retreats, Charity activities as well as social activities. Of late the group has grown and recently came up with the pillars of prayer where members have formed many small groups and share their real life experiences and pray for one another over the various issues. The group has also organized major activities to bring together all the alumni members and current YCS together. Example being 10th Anniversary 2007, Reunions in 2016 and 2017.


The Alumni group has an office with elected leaders to help in coordinating and organizing events.


Ambrose Otuke

George Ndambiri
2010 - 2016

Daniel Wanyoike
2007 - 2010

  1. Bernard Gikonyo: 2005 - 2007
  2. David Kitavi: 2002 - 2004


TUK Alumni Officials 2018/2020

Mr. Edwin Wachira
Miss Cecilia Mburu
Deputy Chairperson

Miss Monica Mwethera

Miss Diana Irungu
Vice Secretary

Mr. Stanislao Kiongi

Mr. Nathan Ndung’u
Organizing Secretary


Alumni members when they visited Ongata Rongai children home on May 01, 2018

Alumni members during one of their weekly meeting