St Thomas Aquinas Chaplaincy Charitable Visit

By Philp Onyango

As a traditon of te chaplaincy to give out and support the needy every semester, the family visited progressive children’s home in old Njiru on the  12th Saturday, October 2019. This tradition and practise f the chaplaincy is adapted for the story of the good samaritan and the questions of Jesus on the day of judgement…. I was hungry and you didn’t feed me, naked and you dint clothe me….the  progressive children’s home is run by an indiviual catholic  faithful. The home currently has 49 children  both boys and girls who school at the same place. They have stated a school with solery this purpose. The eldest among the beneficiaries is 26 years in campus and the last born Morgan is 2 years and has not joined school yet. The house provides everything for the beneficiaries from shelter, clothing to food.
Intersting to note that the funds running this project come from solerly good samaritans, such as the one donated by st Thomas Aquinas. They are dare need as per the look of things, the environment in the classes is deserving. And the teachers inadequate.
The chidren looked healthy and well fed, happy and jovial. No cares in the world whatsover not quite sure of tommorow but very bright future. The children go to church on Sunday and have their daily lives together. Its amazing what a blessing these children experience growing in this family. The children shared stories of how they came to the home remembering with teats but of course pleasant that at least it turned out that way.
Being in he charitable committee is one of the most demanding responsibilities in the chaplaincy.the committee responsible has to solicit for funds to run the project. This time round they created a profoma to help solicit funds. Organize the purchase of items needed whis is most of the time a demanding job and very strainous because most of the times needed are bulky.then you have to mobilize a turn up for the event and convince invite and facilitate.
The comitee in charge of this successful project included;
1.    Kelvin Ndini
2.    Christine kollol
3.    Nancy Mutwii
4.    Peter Mutinda
5.    Winny Mwende
6.    Lyiano Ian
7.    Dennis Mutirithia
We arrived t 9.00 am and many activities together. We reorganied into groups and misioned to different areas. Some cooking, others cleaning, others yet playing with the kids to give them joy while some of us tended the farm. The farm has green houses in which vegetables are planted.
Later we dined together amidst laughter tears and amazing stories from the kids, their mother and dad as they called them. In deed in a small way we gave but it turned up to be the biggest thing we had to achieve this semester. Kindness, fullfilling love and laughter. We say a big thank you to you the associates of St. Thomas Aquinas chaplaincy for making this initiative a resounding success.
It would all be incomplete without mentioning the encouraging words of madhe(mum managing the home) “my passion is to see these children taken care of… my initiative is to help as many as possible to see them grow in love… their families, the society had rejected them once, we take them in and show them love.