St Theresa of Calcuta Community

By Joseph Matheka

On Sunday 6th October 2019, we as the liturgy paid a courtesy call to St Teresa of Calcutta, St Teresa of Calcutta is one of the small Christian Communities in St Thomas Aquinas chaplaincy and is located along Kangundo Road, saika, kayole and njiru.
This particular day, the Jumiya meeting strted at 3.00pm with a rosary reflection followed by a scripture reflection guided by joseph Matheka. The beautiful reflection was in deed one fully practical and as I would say vocation oriented
Members present were;
1.    Lyiano ndiano
2.    Adrian Agbara
3.    Agatha Mwanza
4.    Hellen Wambui
5.    Cynthia baraka
6.    Joseph Matheka
Afterward came a bite prepared by the chair himself Ndiano who also happened to be our host amidst laughter, joyous celebration and reminiscing old sense which happened to touch each of us differently. As St Teresa of Calcutta continues to grow, we pray that our matron saint continues to intercede for us