St Augustin Family Day

On Saturday 5th October, 2019 st. Augustin small Christian community had their had their family reunion at the Bomas of Kenya. St Augustin is one of the small Christian communities in st. Thomas Aquinas Chaplaincy based in school within the chaplaincy itself. It is meant for students living in out flung regions of Nairobi as well as those with commitments in the weekends. Currently they meet on Thursday afternoons and has about 15 members. It was meant to be a day of family picnic, love, laughter and food.
The day began at 9.00 am with members coming together in school before departure for Bomas.
Then came the fun and games session. It’s beautiful to be a child again without responsibilities and cares in the world do try it sometimes. We played childhood games as hide and seek, ball throwing famously known as kati rope jumping and skipping as well as aerobics.
We had lunch. Simple in essence but great in meaning. Milk and bread, tastiest lunch with family. Afterwards we had a stroll around the Bomas appreciating the different cultures of Kenya. From 42 tribes all put in one. A striking diversity, beauty in its definition. Just a reflection of our own jumiya different tribes’ cultures but one people in Christ!  

To this time, those beautiful folklores, amazing dances, resounding drum beats and unpredictable acrobatic moves strengthen our bonds.