Living the Christian Vocation- Youth Perspective

Dr. Wahome, a professional gynecologist belonging to Kenya catholic professional forum KCPF, visited st Thomas Aquinas chaplaincy to give a talk on international issues affecting our catholic faith. Main talk was on the issues of contraceptives, childbirth control and issues affecting in accordance to the catholic faith. The talk on sexuality was wonderfully amazing, discovering the most hidden teaching on the sanctity of sexuality.

It was interesting to learn how the goverment policies trickle down to affect our lives even as students, our families and even our future. These ill fated policies, as explained, even influence our religion and faith. We discussed various policies and deals signed by our government and the united nations both with our government as well as other governments mainly in the african context and setting.

With conviction and strength, we learned our misgiving, that in our failure to participate in policy and decision making, as youths, intellectuals and scientists, we sum up the unheard voices. A resolution we come to is that we must express our opinion.

This, as I presume, was done based on facts and grounded on science. It was a so much intellectual a session that every aspect and angle were thoroughly scrutinized to form a basis for our argument. After a question answer session. We were convinced that it is time to stand up and fight if we must for our faith and for our religion. For a threatened and I would say marginalized.

We set a date on the 14th of November to set out on a peaceful mission that would express our thought, the mind of our faith and the plea of our children in generations to come.