Chaplaincy Picnic 2020

The chaplaincy launched its activities for the year 2020 and the second semester in the academic year on 15th January 28, 2020. This was done in a collective mass which was quite jubilant and utmost cheer in meeting again after the so refreshing festive season.

0n Saturday 25th 2020, a group of 50 students converged at city park for a picnic and bonding session. As in every other project, its was one with the sole aim of improving our family ties and unity. A fun filled moment of actually forgetting all that troubles and realizing all the anxiety and the pressures of the moment.

Games played included a wide range of hop, skip and jumps, rope skipping, football, aiming games, staged rugby, athletics or varieties of the same.

We also celebrated Ruth maina’s birthday party with all pomp and color. The cake cutting session were most sensational and lovely. We also had tones of ice creams with friends amidst chats to find out how life was actually rolling. Walking across campus this week sharing with friends on the adventures of the weekend, nostalgia is evident of course accompanied by muscle and pain joints.

As we approach our charity project this weekend, we only hope that with much fruit will abound!