Catholic Church in Uganda Calls Off Martyrs Day Celebration

PHOTO: Namugongo Shrine.

For the first time in many years, The Uganda catholic church have called off this year’s annual martyrs day celebration that was set to begin on May 29th and 3rd June, 2020 for youths and for the rest of the congregation respectively. This move have already been communicated to the bishops’ conference by Masaka diocese which was chosen by the Uganda episcopal conference to organize the first ever double celebration for the feast.  

Masaka diocese had already raised over Shs300 million in preparation for the feast which required a total of Shs 950million. Although the feast have been postponed, we have not dissolved the standing organized committee.” Said Rev. Fr Mayanja, he Masaka Diocesan communications Director

Despite these changes, Mr. Mayanja noted that the church is ready to organize another feast when the battle against coronavirus is finally won. Writing to members of Uganda episcopal conference, Bishop Joseph Zziwa stressed the need to postpone the feast due to coronavirus disease which continues to gnaw the world.

“The position of Masaka diocese should be understood in light of the fact that organizing the celebration requires frequent meetings. It demands unfettered movements of persons. Above all, with the virus still alive in many countries including Uganda, it is not certain that restrictions on gatherings and movements will be lifted.” He said.

PHOTO: Picturesque of the martyrs.

The celebration honours 45 young martyrs who went against Kabaka Mwanga 11 of Buganda and converted to Christianity between the year 1885 and 1887.

Every year millions of believers from Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania and from other different parts of the world descend on Namugongo the place where majority of the converts were martyred in celebration of their bravery.

By Opera news