YCS Office Elections and Officials’ Orientation 2019

By Philip Onyango

The kings of the gentiles lord it over them and those in authority over them are addressed as ‘benefactors’; but for you it shall not be so. Rather, let the greatest among you be as the youngest, and the leader as the servant” LK 22;25
It is a tradition of St. Thomas Aquinas chaplaincy to carry out student elections every year and to award the outgoing office for their zealous work as well as carrying out an orientation of the incoming office in preparation for the task ahead. It is a time of transition as it is and I mend to flow without any difficulty any fights as in the political Arena and what’s more interesting without the leaders themselves aspiring for any position! Wondering how this is possible? Well, let’s go through the process.

This whole process takes a spurn of three weeks and takes place in well defined steps. First and foremost a special committee is usually convened to take the society through this process. This special committee consists of outgoing members those who have just completed their studies and are on their way out of the institution, this way conflict of interest is completely shed off. Further ensuring that there is no power wrangles and no fights whatsoever.
Secondly, this committee prints out suggestion sheets. This sheets usually stamped by fr chaplain is given out to members after every chaplaincy activity thus suggestions of names are gotten. The committee the verifies the personality and profiles of the names suggested and tries to brainstorm ones’ leadership ability and the best position he would serve in. Is he a person of integrity, does he belong to any small Christian community, how frequent is he with the chaplaincy activities, is he one of discipline, how is his relationship with other members of the society, what are his faults and weaknesses? It is always trying moments as things have to be stated in plane black and white.

Then comes the main elections which take place in a three tyre system: first set it to elect the chaplaincy officials including the chairperson, the treasurer, the vice-chairperson, the secretary and the vice and the instrument manager. The second tyre is to elect the group officials including of the chairpersons, the secretaries and the co-odinators for the five groups including the choir, the liturgy, focolare and singles for Christ (SFC) and catalan. The third an the last tyre is the SCC elections which also has the chairperson, the secretary and the treasurer.
This year, we are fortunate to have a great team and hope that all will go on well. The incoming chairperson is Christopher Odhiambo Odoyo succeeding Mr. James Ndung’u is quite strict, hardworking, God fearing and jovial type. We offer for him our prayers that he might steer the society in the right direction. Cathrene Kioko was elected the vice-chairperson, the treasurer elect is Sebastian Gisemba , the secretary is Peter Mutinda and the vice Modesta, the instrument manager who also doubles as the youngest in the office is Joseph Tuta. To the groups, in order of chairpersons, co-ordinator and secretary we were privileged to have; Riose, Margret and Jenifer in the choir, Philip, Thaddeus, carol kizito in the liturgy, sure and Beth in the SFC, Epale and Arafat in focolare and Mwaniki and felistus in Catalan.

These officially were officially inaugurated on 22nd Saturday, march, 2019 by fr chaplain Ndikaru wa Teresia at a thanksgiving mass In upperhill and were latter oriented by the outgoing office on Saturday 30th march. As the YCS, community we wish them a wonderful term in office.