“Who Will Remove The Stone For Us?” (Mk 16:3)

Members of the Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops (KCCB) meeting at Clergy House, Ruaraka Nairobi on May 10, 2019 released Press Statement on desperate situations in Kenya noted with concern the despair that is setting in our Country because of our inability to find lasting solutions to our political, social and economic challenges.   We have allowed the dragon of corruption to pull us down to the point where have accepted it to be our way of life. What we are seeing is a game of musical chairs sat on by the same recycled players who lack the vision to inspire Kenyans for better future. It is very painful to see millions of people languishing on poverty.


We are also confronted with worrying trend where a number of our people, especially the youth, are taking their own lives, while others have been murdered. Our young people are increasingly descending into depression out of frustration in their lives.

The situation of corruption in our nation has reached national disaster levels. The concern raised by many people about corruption has reached alarming levels. Other form of corruption is not just financial.  Our accountability and transparency on how we use time; power vested in our offices; the kind of people we give priority to; and the kind of inequalities we generate by our own actions may amount to corruption. Ethnic communities fighting for one of their own even when one is wrong of the law.

Another aspect of corruption is the constant push by those already well paid for salary increment and other pecuniary allowances, while millions of Kenyans are wallowing in poverty. The big question to the government is that we must emphasize, that even as we seek ways of fighting corruption, we are putting it to the government to come out clear.