The Last Journey of Our Beloved Martin Munyao

The students and staff journeyed for the burial of the late Martin Munyao in Longoni Village; Kibwezi East Constituency in Makueni County left University on Saturday 6.30am and travelled safety to the aforementioned destination where we arrived at 12 noon.
During the burial ceremony, the condolence letter from the University Vice-Chancellor was read by one of the lecturer, Mr Tom Mumo and Kshs 20,000 was given to the parents of Mr Munyao as TU-K contribution. The parents and family of the Late Martin appreciated the presence of the University staffs and students.
The late Martin Manyao was very devoted Catholic. He attended Daily Mass and very active in YCS activities in TU-K. Besides the Ten students nominated to represent the Technical University of Kenya, The TU-K Catholic Chaplaincy was represented at the burial by 65 students. Fr Dr Ndikaru the Catholic Chaplain, the Catholic students and the YCS Alumni contributed Kshs 30,500 towards the medical and burial expenses of Mr Munyao. This was a great job done and the parents were very grateful.

After the Mass led by Rev Fr Matolo, the journey started at 4.00 pm to Nairobi. We arrived at the University at 9.45pm safely and all the students were released to get to their areas of residences.

Reported by Mumo