Priestly Ordination of Rev. Fr. Benard Mukeku Mutisya

By Edwin Wachira - Alumni Moderator

Bernard Mukeku Mutisya, formerly Young Christian Student and served as Liturgical Secretary, in the Technical University of Kenya, served in 2005/2006 was ordain priest at Pope Paul VI Junior Seminary in Machakos by Bishop Norman Kingoo, bishop of Catholic diocese of Machakos

The Preparations for the ordination day

Preparations for the day started a month ago where both Alumni group and students prepared to color the day. It was a very special occasion to many witnessing someone in one way or the other we schooled with, we served with in the YCS, to some they shared houses during their college life and to others someone who still visited college and participated in Alumni/YCS activities long time ago since he left. Preparations involved registrations for attendance where about hundred members of the chaplaincy participated. The university provided us with the Campus bus which accommodated sixty members for transport to and fro. Others who had come as small groups used different means. 

The Programme

The day started well and on time, members assembled at the university gate by 7:00 am. By 8:00am the journey started. It was a smooth journey and by 10:30am we were already at the Pope Paul VI Junior Seminary. We arrived right on time.

The mass was celebrated by Bishop Norman King’oo of Machakos diocese together with hundreds of priests from Machakos diocese. The sermon was very encouraging, directed to be ordained priests and deacons. They were reminded they are priest forever. Their role is to serve in the altar, to serve God through Humanity

Bishop Kingoo reminded them a priest is a prayerful person, so that when members asked them to pray for them he can truly pray. He also reminded them that his work as a priest is to preach unity amongst church, families and society. To parents, he reminded them that as families they are the first church. The family is the one that give birth to the church and in the same families is where we get the future religious men and women. As parents, their role is to raise children in Christian values.

The final Vows

They were called by names from the congregations where they were seated. They shouted their “YES” to the call and move to the altar escorted by parents who handed them to the bishop. After the sermon, the ordained priest took the vows in front of the bishop and the congregation. Bishop asked the congregations to pray for the priests.

The Celebrations

After Mass, we gathered with family and friends of Rev. Fr. Bernard for a short reception. Members got a moment to greet and congratulate him as we shared snacks, took photos and presented gifts. 

The Departure

At 5:30Pm, we had completed everything and a journey back to Nairobi. The day was very successful. It was a day that gave us hope that priesthood is real and we are candidates. The day brought together several generations of YCS family, we met with the pioneers of YCS, those who started YCS in 1997 and it was a great reunion.

Many thanks to our Chaplain Rev, Fr. Dr. Ndikaru wa Teresia for support and facilitations to have the event in our chaplaincy Programme. To all members who made it a success in one way or the other, I feel much appreciated. And to Fr. Ben, we wish you God’s blessings as you continue serving him in the altar.