First Years Picnic 2019

By Onyango Philip

On Sunday, 7th July 40 freshmen accompanied by somewhat experienced students and family congregated at the Holy family Basilica for the 9.00am mass. This was a jumpstart to the day full of activity, fun, laugh and love at the Abortorium along state house road.

The sermon exciting coincidence as it always every Sunday the commission of the seventy-two. A profound reminder yet so gentle of the trust our freshmen need to have in our Lord for these four, five years at the technical university. It also pointed towards vocations for all of us, that as young adults a decision whatsoever has to be made, as the mother church guides appropriate.

Afterwards, the cheerful grouped trouped its way to the abortorium and on arrival started with a praise and worship and a word of prayer. This was followed by an introduction session given that 40 others were new. It’s always great to know each other’s preference, taste and perception of God. There came a session of fun and games and bonding. Of these concentrations be the game, seven up among others could not miss. There followed an amazing lunch, simple in stature but greatest in essence. Evening came we were exhausted but laughter was all over the place. To our freshmen, this is the first in a series, the first of experiences and maturity. The path to life.