Extravagaza 2019

By Philip Onyango

Dated on 16th March, 2019, the day was lit in a Christly tone by Christly light. Extravaganza is an initiative of the arch diocese of Nairobi under the umbrella Inter college Young Christian Community(IC- YCS) Held annually in the second semester. It was all a beautiful occasion held at Railways Training institute in south B. In attendance were, the host institution Railways training Institute, Kenya media school and St Thomas Aquinas chaplaincy from the technical university of Kenya under zone F, Mount Kenya University.

The program was well planned and run by Sr Catherine Ndereba. The event started at 9 .00 am with opening prayers from one of the students followed by remarks from the arch Diocese office on various subjects affecting the office and student participation.

The first item presented by St Thomas was a set piece whose man topic was on Pope Francis 1 message to the youth on decision making when he visited the Kenya back then in 2015. That the youth would thrive together when living in peace with each other without Tribal cocoons, without clashes, without political incitement but with love and service for our families then to our country. St Thomas Aquinas emerged 2nd runners up.

The narrative was about the errant education system Illustrating young whom having passed through the education system and passed his examination by flying colors he enrolled for Medicine in the university and perfected his trickery, and passed as well he opens up medical Centres which deals in the most absurd of procedures including abortions but to mention a few. All blame on the education system. This ranked position five.
The own composition and the choral verse achieved positions two and three respectively. The choral verse was addressing the life of a priest on normal day with his parishioners. The ups and downs, the coming and going …the life of a priest

The fashion and design presentation presented by Kisilu, who also doubles up as Mr. TUK 2018-2019 and carol kizito who is also the liturgy secretary. They modelled on various subjects ranging from environmental conservation clothing on the newly imposed on polythene clothes, cultural diversity representing different attires from different backgrounds in Kenya, the youth and modernity in a bit recent but decent clothes.
Overally, St Thomas Aquinas ranked first runners up.