Charity Visit at Langata Mother Teresa Children's Home

By Monicah Muthera

The 34 alumni members had their charity day on May 1, 2018 at Mother Teresa Children's home, Langata. The Children's home takes care of girls aged between 14 to 40 years who suffer from cerebral palsy. The day started well with shopping for the children, we bought cereals, powder & bars soaps, antiseptic, sanitary towels, sugar, and wheat flour among others.

On the event day we left town to Langata at 10am and arrived at Langata late due to problem of transport. Richard Nduva who was the master ceremony introduced the group to the host who welcomed us. They took us around the place and gave us a go ahead to start our activities which included; bonding with them, singing, feeding them, washing utensil and cleaning the area. We later presented our shopping to our host at around 1200 noon as we took a group photos. A sister representative of the home encouraged us to keep up the spirit and thanked us for the shopping

The Challenges
Major challenges were; arrival time, shopping was a little hectic and it consumed a lot of time and transport since we used public means.


  1. There is need to observe time stated since some venues are strict on time.
  2. Incase shopping is done in the morning of the event day some members should do the shopping while others go ahead to represent the group to avoid lateness.
  3. Shopping takes a lot of time. There is a need to do the shopping one day prior to the event.
  4. Transport. We suggest for personal means of transport to carry the shopping.
  5. We thank God for such a successful event. Great appreciation goes to all the members for the time and sacrifice.