Alumni Charity Visit At Mother Teresa Home Of Peace Ruaraka, Nairobi

By Monica Mwethera
The Technical University of Kenya Alumni visited the Mother Teresa home on May 1st 2019 at Ruaraka, Nairobi.
Mother Teresa home of peace is a home was founded in the year 1998 with an aim of hosting and caring for handicapped boys who were abandoned at an early age. Currently they have 62 males who need a lot of care. The home has 7 sisters who work there with the help of 30 staffs who work in shifts.
The planning of the event started two weeks prior to the D-day. Members contributed generously within those two weeks.  The day of the charity event started well with shopping within Nairobi Nyamakima. The shopping included: cereals, powder, liquid & bars soaps, Disinfectants, sugar and snacks. On the D-day, the team responsible for shopping met at OTC bus station at 7am and shopped at Tuskys OTC and Nyamakina. One of the members had offered his car which was used to ferry the shopping to mother Teresa home of peace.
 We left town to Ngumba estate 9 am and arrived the center few minutes past 11am. Arriving at the place, we were warmly welcomed. We divided ourselves in groups and immediately engaged in various activities such as assisting in preparing meals, feeding the boys, splitting firewood, sweeping among others. Later at around 2pm we assembled at an open air place where we sang, prayed and shared snacks with the boys.
At 3 pm we joined the staff in feeding the boys their dinner. We then cleaned the utensils the rooms as some of the boys had to take a nap while others joined sisters for rosary. At 4 pm we as the TUK Alumni we assemble together and took our lunch as we finalized and left the place at 5pm. It was a success. Total number of members present was 27 and contributions were made by 61 members. This was commendable since they helped in various activities. May almighty bless each and every one who made the event a success.  We thank God for such a successful event. Great appreciation goes to all the members for the time and sacrifice and to the committee.
Rev Fr Dr Ndikaru Wa Teresia, the Alumni chaplain, congratulated all the Alumni for visiting the children home and encouraged them to continue visiting more of children homes in Nairobi in future.