Alumni 2019 Infants Baptism

By Philip Onyango

This month’s Alumni Mass was marked by an extraordinary event, that of infant baptism. And not one but two. Mary Wambui the child of Francis Macharia and Apronia Khahonjeli with Esther Wanjiku witnessing as her God-mother.

Fr. Ndikaru and newly baptized infants

The second new born to the church was Cornelius Kahura son of George Gachuhi and Joan Njoroge with Moses Maina being present as the God-father.
Fr Ndikaru was Teresia officiated the mass and the baptism and it was notable and clearly in homily that as Christ is the good shepherd so must the parents and the God-parents strive, with the help of Christ, to model and to bring up the children in the teaching of Christ and under the protection of the mother church.

George Gachuhi and Joan Njoroge
George Gachuhi and Joan Njoroge during their infant baptism

At the end, Richard Ndavi gave a vote of thanks expressing gratitude for the grace of God in our chaplaincy, that it was now taking shape as a society. It was filled with laughter as the innocent children lightly grasped the white garment refusing to let go. And being pleasantly amazed by the light of Christ in the form of candle which they desired to hold.
If we must conclude then may He who has started the good work in these children bring it to completion.

Francis Macharia and Apronia Khahonjeli with their infant