22nd Sunday, September; Animation at St John The Baptist Church Riruta

It’s been quite a week in the chaplaincy. Lots of activities lots of consultation here and there. Lots of doing to achieve, action to keep the chaplaincy fit and running, lots of sacrifices and understanding on the part of most tolerant members.
As a means of earning income to sponsor and facilitate certain development projects, the st Thomas Aquinas chaplaincy choir, with the permission of the father-in-charge, animates mass in different parishes and afterwards gets an opportunity to sell their volume 5 compact disks.
 At st John the Baptist, the Catalan dancers were very essential and appeared prominent making the day count a great deal. They made the masses in which they took part in lively. This motivated the joyous congregation to promote the youthful yet focused troop.
The day was successful! Great sales after great efforts. We’re grateful to the faithful of St. John the Baptist, Riruta for being such a blessing to our projects.

As a tradition, the chaplaincy picnic always at the very start of the semester tends to break off the very busy schedules, to take back members in the semester mood and basically to inspire. This time round the committee in charge of the event led by Moses Epale and Modesta Muthoni. The venue was at the arboretum grounds in Westland.
The activities consisted of many games which were funny and full of bond creation. There was joy in actually living such simple moments playing such simple games a great privilege.
Kamiti medium prison being One of our mission centers, a place in which we tend to serve Jesus’ instruction, ‘’ I was in jail and you visited me’’ this Sunday though was a happy more of friendly meeting. An invitation to a positive event. The inmates were launching their first volume a choir series dabbed ‘Tumaini Gerezani’
One of the most touching performance was by a spoken art which spoke on the life in prison. I must confess it moved most of us to tears.

On the same Sunday after visiting the inmates, st Monica SCC had their meeting in Roysambu. Carol Kizito was their host. The session starts at three o’clock with a rosary. Then the scripture passage on the gospel followed by a brief reflection on the same. There followed brief session of bites and meals. It’s quite a household and they understand.